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Nine Days Wonder

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1995 You Say When Records, YSWCD6. The Jennifers first CD. Recorded with Tony French at Half alf Studios. Mixed and Mastered at Blue House productions. All songs by John Irvine except as noted. We're down to the last few copies of this one, but you can listen to some songs in mp3 format below. All rights reserved.

1. You're My Star

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Won't you come on over, or just think it over, because I'm thinking about you baby and I'm falling over. But I've been thinking too much and I can never pull the plug, because you're flowing though my veins just like a drug. I've been living too much, and you know it gets me down, because you say you love me baby but you're never coming round. And I've been sleeping too much but I can never dream enough, because you're shining in the night like a diamond in the rough. It's the end of the season, it's the end of time. If I was the reason, you were the rhyme. So won't you come on over, or just think it over because I'm walking on the ceiling and I'm falling over. And I've been thinking too much, but you know I'm feeling fine because you're flowing through my veins like wine. Nobody told me it would be so hard, I'm a ghost in the city and you're my star.

2. Ritornello

I know I've got a perfect world inside my head. So when the revolution comes I'll stay in bed. And no, I won't apologize for anything I said because I know I'm coming back to you. I met a girl, she was playing in the sand. She said, "the way to turn the world is with your hands." But she speaks seven languages that no-one understands, and I know I'm coming back to you like a needle spinning. Let's hope my compass is true. I stood and counted castles floating on the rhine. I sang a chorus of My Funny Valentine. And I could stay forever but I haven't got the time, because I know I'm coming back to you.

3. Pretty Things

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Pretty things on her dresser; hummel figurines, perfumed letters. Pretty things that I never get her. But the bell is ringing and the mail man's bringing pretty things, on her sweater; colored strings, highschool letter. And the world won't upset her because the bell is ringing and mailman's bringing pretty things, april weather, pretty christmas trees in her cellar. Pretty things I never tell her. But the bells are ringing and the angels are singing pretty things.

4. Television Girl (Rainville)

I've been staying up late nights with my television girl. I've been having some great nights oh yeah, television girl. Maybe tonight she'll be in boots and stockings from a studio lot underworld. And how come the plots lead to shots that are shocking of my television girl. My television's on, I've got a television girl. By the glow of my screen's light with my television girl. She's hurting my eyesight oh yeah, television girl. It's not the same old science fiction that I have you on my mind. And I don't care if you're untrue, I only want to look at you. You're so fine, I don't mind. I never change the station on my television girl. I need the stimulation of a television girl.

5. Keep It Up

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Sky of blue, sea of green, drinking yellow gasoline. And the sirens start to scream, and I'm climbing up the razorwire. You woke me up when I was dreaming. Sinking with Manhattan in a pool of grey. You said, "New York City's beautiful from the second story up." Keep it up, I want to stay. End of the day nowhere to go, walking circles in the snow. You think I'm old enough to know, hell I'm old enough to be dead already. You knocked me down when I was winning. Called me on the bat-phone night and day. You hit me in the heart so hard you left me spinning. Keep it up, I want to stay. Everybody's got a story. Every story's gotta end. So look into the kodachrome, a photograph might last forever. You knocked me down one time too many, took me to the rooftops good as gold. And the headaches that you gave me were the best I ever had. Keep it up, I'm turning grey.

6. New Light

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Sing me a new song. It's coming in slowly, wait for a moment and the moment's gone. Everyone's happy out in the party, they live for the moment and the moment's gone. Shine me a new light. Send me an angel high over Lubeck, casting a shadow on the heat below. A sensitive flame can dance in the darkness if a fool is a witness to this crying game. Shine me a new light. Ten past eleven, dancing and drowning. Living in circles in the deep blue see. And everyone's looking, looking for something, looking for someone, looking for me. Shine me a new light.

7. Now That It's November (Rainville)

My calendar is running low on days and the leaves are falling off the trees. Winter's on the breeze and it's making me eager to please you. Now that it's November why don't you let me? Now the daylight hours have gone low and the skies are showing signs of snow. Let me move you slow - come by and I can show you. Now that it's December why don't you let me? Why don't you hold me, my world's grown cold. Why don't you let me in? Don't let me down. Now a drunken crowd will stand around, they're staying up to count the old year down, put it in the ground. And won't you put the past behind you. Happy new years baby, why don't you kiss me with those lips? Why don't you let me in? Don't let me down.

8. I Hear Angels

I hear angels calling me when you calling me when you call my name. I hear angels calling me when you look me in the eye. I feel just like a butterfly flying to a flame. I feel like a butterfly and you float on by. I hear angels calling me every day and night, ringing through my eardrums like a nightlight. And I hear angels calling me when I'm walking through a crowd. Angels on the stereo and they sing too loud. I thought I couldn't fly anymore, like my wingtips were nailed to the floor. And I was feeling down 'til you walked through my door. Now just sit back and watch me soar. I hear angels calling me in the dead of night, and I hear angels calling me from the street light. And then the sun is in the sky, and birds are flying by, and I hear angels calling me when you catch my eye.

9. People Looking Up (Rainville)

There's people looking up, and people looking down on me. I will not be sucked into this homogeny. Girl you're going to be sorry when you look into the skies. I give it one more night, and then the stars will be in line. Girls they smile and gaze, they'll tell you tales about the stars. Let her burn your eyes, let her play your moon guitar. Girl you're going to be sorry to think my world revolves around you. There's a smile on the moon, and I feel the void's coming soon. There's people looking up, there's people looking out from trees. Everybody sings, no-ones singing harmonies. Girl you're going to be sorry when you look into the skies, but you better mind your dreams tonight.

10. It Won't Be Long (Wall)

It's the end of the story. It's the end of the song. It's the end of the world, it won't be long. My sources saw you tuesday afternoon, you said you'd be alone. There's too many people. There's too many love songs. I was alone and didn't belong. He was a hero, was a very good boy, but that didn't matter. Walk in a straight line, I was going round and round. I hope I make it out of town. It's the end of the story. It's the end of the song. It's the end of the world, I hope it's not long. She was a hero, she was a very good girl, but that didn't matter.

11. Little Brick City

You'll never see the sunrise in a little brick city, but the worry and the pain just wash off in the rain. Your burning like a bug in the lamplight, get the fire-hose ready, because the people in your neighborhood are made out of wood. We live in a straight line, and we work in a straight line and the people next door look like dollar signs. You're live in a smokestack in a hepcat city. So buy another pack, get that monkey on your back. Everyone's excited because the mayor's been indicted but he's free already, to build another jail. It never fails to fail. We live in a streamlined age but we dream of a red brick cage, and the man asleep in the park looks like a question mark. Brick after brick after brick, this town is looking like a ghost town. The clubs are closing down and all we hear is frozen sound. Driving in a line up and down the spine of a little brick city, we're painting the town before they tear it down. We live on the edge of the page, but we dream of a red brick cage, and the man asleep in the park looks like a question mark.

12. Someone (Rainville)

I'm waiting for someone to come here from out of the blue. You're more than just someone. And I thought I loved you dear, your eyes and your long hair. I know it's not enough. You start to get wise to me. You're solving a mystery and I know my motives aren't so pure anymore. I'm waiting for someone to complement my mood, so I don't want much more. It starts just something little like a an atom bomb. Then it turns right into a big thing, when the lines between us start to grow.

13. Love Song for Valerie

She comes and goes just like the tide. Never gives you a moment to decide, and when it's over I'll have to find a place to hide. With one eye open one eye closed. She looks at you as though she knows. And when it's over I'll have to forget her I suppose. This is a love song for Valerie, the girl that sings n the night. When I hear her simple melody I can't help but think that it's alright. This is a love song for Valerie, the girl who sings to the rain. When she infects me with her melody I've got no resistance to that strain.