The Jennifers
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Christmas In Reverse

Christmas in Reverse Picture

The Jennifers Christmas single. MP3 only, with limited edition radio promo CR-R's made. December 2007.
1. Christmas In Reverse
2. Starfleet Academy
3. Oh Caroline
4 Landslide

Making Music Your Own

Making Music Your Own Picture

The Jennifers share a single with the fabulous Mommyheads (go find their records and buy them now.) You Say When Records 7", YSW003, 1995
1. The Television
2. Day Job (the Mommyheads)

Pretty Things

The Jennifers first cassette. Recorded with Chris Plummer when the band was still called "The Bigsbys." Schwartzgerat Records, 1994.
All songs by John Irvine except as noted. Currently out of print

1. I Hear Angels
2. Little Brick City
3. Now That It's November
4. The Sun is in the Sky
5. Pretty Things
6. People Looking Up
7. The Television
8. Shakespeare Machine
9. Love Song For Valerie


Listener Supported

Cool indie Baltimore compilation cassette. You Say When Records, 1997
>> You Say When


3 Minute Revolution

(Buy It!)

25 Bands. 25 songs. All songs are three minutes or less. No fat. No fluff. Just Power Pop in its essential form. Welcome to the revolution. RPM USA Records, 1996
14. You're My Star


Walking By A Building

(AllMusic Info)

Hat Factory Records, 1995
>> Pretty Things


Pop Matters

Compilation of bands Paul Collins (Beat) took with him on tour in 1995. Wagon Wheel Records, 1995
>> Keep It Up