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The Jennifers

Booking and Press Contact

John Irvine, 410-262-0059


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Reviews and Interviews:

Benn Ray, Mobtown Shank -
"Best Baltimore Album of 2011: Wow. Just wow. This was the album I always hoped the Jennifers would release. Hooky as shit. Lotsa guitars. The Andy Partridge influence is played down to just an influence. This goes down as one of the best Baltimore records of all time. Classic guitar pop. There is not a clunker on the whole record. And each time you listen you find a different song that works its way under your skin."

Amplifier Magazine -
"Amplifier readers will undoubtedly love this album..."

Razorcake -
"A fantastic mental pipe cleaner of a record - brilliant."

Baltimore City Paper -
"Run-through-the-sprinkler cheerful while still retaining art-rock smarts.

The Urbanite -
"The bottom line: Colors from the Future is a very good album."

Go Metric Jennifers Review and Interviews: Parts 2, 3, 4
"Best album of 2007? I recognize that it's early in the year but I'm going to call it now: The Jennifers' latest disc, Colors From the Future."

PowerPopaHolic -
"like a good indie mix of Guided By Voices guitar pop meets They Might Be Giants quirkiness, I found alot here I like."

The Answer May Suprise You
"I'm going to go out on a limb and call that song rock music's finest Oscar Wilde allusion"

"at their best this band are a match for anyone in the guitar pop arena."

"Pop! Pure pop! Great, fun story – a cross between Harper Valley and Mrs Robinson, with guitars jangling happily along."

"Allusions to XTC obvious and ubiquitous, the songwriting is much comparable to Robyn Hitchcock. Like Hitchcock, The Jennifers offer up alt-pop with tongue-in-cheek, obvious yet ambiguous lyrics."

"I have been most impressed with the guitar pop on show"

WTMD Interview

WYPR Signal Interview