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Book of Bad Advice

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The Great Lost Jennifers Record. 1997 Jennifers Recordings, RM01. Recorded 1996 in Richmond and Baltimore, just before the band broke up for a while. It languished in the vaults until the band re-formed. It was re-mastered by Dave Nachodsky at Invisible Sound Studio, and released 2002. All songs c. 2002 by John Irvine, BMI, Instant Tunes, except (3) by Joe Tropea, Red Monkey Music, and (6) by Will Wall, 889 to Central Music. All rights reserved.

1. Oh Jennifer

Jenny left on a morning train, (say goodbye, say goodbye.) Situation down the drain, (no, I don't know why.) But there's a reason for everything, (tell me why, tell me why,) oh Jennifer! Had my lovers one at a time, (feeling fine, feeling fine.) Jenny had an assembly line rolling all the time. Ten minutes later and I'm waiting for the bus with Jennifer. Oh Jennifer why? You're wasting all my time. Stuck in a turnstile, I haven't got a dime. But I couldn't believe it when you were mine. Carved her name in a million trees, (falling down, falling down.) Write her name in a million stars falling from the sky. Ten thousand years from now they'll ask, "what happened here?" I'll say, "Jennifer, Oh Jennifer!" Why?

2. Sleeping Weather

People come and people go, treat me like an eskimo. They keep my heart at ten below, freezing in the snow. People cry, people whine, they're complaining all the time, even though they're doing fine. Listen to them whine. I try to fit it back together. Sleep it off, it's sleeping weather. Maybe I can make the brambles bloom. Cool me once, cool me twice, now I'm frozen in the ice. Write a book of bad advice so I can see the light. Shimmy in the microwave - I could be your silver slave. Take your secrets to the grave. You could be an electric socket, I could be a bottle rocket. Maybe we could make a spark or two. But the telephone is ringing out of tune. And hope is on the mountains of the moon. I wake up in the morning on the wrong side of my bed. And I can't get this song out of my head. The radio is playing out of tune, and hope is on the mountains of the moon. I wake up in the morning on the wrong side of my bed. And I can't get this song out of my head.

3. Brautigan

This town's not big enough for both of us. You throw your back down on the floor. You don't even want it anymore. Brautigan you bastard, I eat alone. This is much bigger than we are. And up inside there you might get lost. You search the works for forgotten things, don't believe in this world any more. And if you try to leave we won't let you, you're stuck at home. And when you want it, that's when you need it. You're not alone. Barautigan (again!)

4. Cover Me

This could be my lucky day. Crashed my car and walked away. Time travel on a trampoline. This could be my lucky break - through the ice into the lake. Ice fishing in the summertime, oh my love, cover me with kisses in the meantime. Build a house and watch it fall. Secrets buried in the walls. Live wire set the church on fire. Oh my love, cover me with kisses in the meantime. Build a fire in the fireplace. Cast a shadow on the wall. Build a fire in my heart. This could be my lucky break, or this could be my last mistake. Live wire, come and watch me shake. Oh my love, cover me with kisses, cover me with roses in the meantime.

5. Gold Stars

Saxophones and satellites are falling to the ground. That which doesn't kill me can still hurt a lot. But they say the one that gets you never makes a sound. Just give me one gold star if I'm still around. If life is just for living, tell me, what's living for? Everyone's a winner when there's nothing left to lose. But these shoes are made for dancing so let's get out on the floor. Just give me one gold star, who could ask for more? Tree falls in a forest. (This life is hard on the knees.) I can't hear the forest now for all the falling trees. And if I live to be a hundred would you bake me a cake. And would you light a candle for every mistake? The Devil's in the details and God is on the take. Just give me one gold star, you know my heart won't break. Gold stars falling from the sky. Gold stars for everyone.

6. Close the Door

Nothing to say, nothing to do. Lying here on this afternoon, you can accuse me of things i can't deny. Thoughts are twisting and burning inside my head. I always figured you find me out in the end. Come in and close the door. Out of sight and out of mind, the window's got me mesmerized. Clouds are high and bells they start to ring. I may be an impostor but I'm not blind. My life's just another lie I'll tell another time.

7. You Say When

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She's doing it again - sacking the cities in my brain. She's the Queen of the Bees, but she's got a stinger where the honey's supposed to be. And I've been waiting all night to convince myself that it's alright to spend the night in the city of dreams. They're doing it again - taking all the pleasure out of pain. They're the lords of the trains. Gotta hit all the stations from the cradle to the grave. They're selling junk on the TV - who needs vacations at Disney? Just give me a night in the city of dreams. And when we get there, tie one on to me, and I'll keep going till you say when. Well I'm doing it again - wrapping my fingers 'round a dream. I'm the king of the trees, but I've got nothing where the roots are supposed to be. I'm stuffing cash in a mattress, who cares about the business? Just give me some kind of witness to this.